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3 definitions by LordGryn

A person (usually a male) that is addicted to asses. More specifically anal sex, gapes, and puckering assholes.

More and more young males across the globe are experiencing this addiction most likely due to the high availability of hardcore anal pornography on the internet.

The leaders in the pornography industries have found that there is a very high demand for gaping asses and have been catering to this extreme fetish for several years now.
Adam - "Rob, stop watching hardcore anal porn, you're desentizing yourself you anal addict"

Rob - "I can't help it man, besides, deep inside you, no pun intended, there's a hardcore anal addict too and you know it."
by LordGryn October 23, 2008
129 20
A term used for someone that makes you not want to acknowledge their name for any of the following reasons:

a) You are not interested in their existence
b) You couldn't care less what their real name is
c) There are no other words to describe this person
d) They look like a Dunnie Dunnington
Jeremy: "Dunnie Dunnington, my office now!"
Dunnie: "My name's Martin.."
Jeremy: "You're fired."
by LordGryn December 22, 2011
9 0
A quick way of asking "Who's going to be there?" or "Who will be attending?"
Robert: "Wanna hit that party tonight?"
Adam: "Who dunnie?"
Robert: "No idea son, let's go find out."
by LordGryn December 22, 2011
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