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Attacking Grampa with pure, raw love, which sometimes comes out as brutal violence.
I saw Grampa yesterday and couldnt help but to start grampaing him harder than I ever have before!
by lordbfg November 06, 2010
The opposite of sexin. It is known to make people shorter. If some people were to have sex, their sexin levels would go through the roof. They would need unsex to bring it back down. To make it easier, cigarette companies started shoving unsex in their cigarettes. This is why people smoke after sex.
Look how short that midget is! his parents must be full of unsex to make him that short!
by LordBFG April 28, 2008
(1) It can be a noun!
(2) It can be a verb!
(3) It can be an adjective!
(4) It can be an adverb!

Pretty much, it can be used in any context at all. It's as openly used as fuck.
1. He's so tall...It's gotta be from the sexin.
2. And then I was all like *sexin* and ran down the street.
3. Look at that tall, sexin, awesome guy walking down the street.
4. John walked sexinly down the street, machine guns ready to go.
by LordBFG March 30, 2008

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