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A mutherfucking huge mutant wasp in Fallout: New Vegas. Kills you with one sting. big-ass son of a bitch wasp.
Gamer: Dammit! I just got killed by a cazador swarm in New Vegas
by Lord Xeras December 29, 2010
it's a meat pastry, you perverts!
Man, I could really go for a chicken pot pie right now.
by Lord Xeras January 31, 2011
a 70's expression meaning 'you understand?' or 'can you take it?' Often used in blaxtopian movies.
Who's the Man who would risk his neck for a brother man?
Can you dig it?
by Lord Xeras March 29, 2011
A fictional northern city in Faerun. largest city on the Sword Coast. important trade port. Setting of the popular game Neverwinter Nights
Narrator: The City of Neverwinter. jewel of the North...
by Lord Xeras December 30, 2010

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