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2 definitions by Lord Twattington

When you really need to go for a shit and it suddenly catches you off guard. You have to stop everything you are doing, even if you are in the middle of a converstion with someone. you then run to the nearest toilet at the suprise of anyone watching. as you run, you uncontrollably fart, suprising even yourself! but often enough it is funny for all involved, it depends how well you know the witness
"i was rarting all the way to the toilet"
by Lord Twattington January 05, 2008
it is the word that describes having a shit and piss at the same time. Doctor (Shitpiss) is the full name.
"i really need to see the Doctor"
"you dont want to keep the Doctor waiting"
"im just going for a Doctor"
by Lord Twattington January 05, 2008