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The most beautiful and savage beverage to ever be produced by anyone ever. The best variety is the Original, preferably in the BFC, with chaser flavors of Chaos, Assault, Mixxd, M-80, and the vagina flavor: lo carb. It is also known as Green Crack, Liquid Marajuana, and Zues' Meth.
A - Hey man, wheres your Monster?
B- I dont drink that shit anymore, man... havent you read the other definitions on UD? That shits for posers and emos, yo
A- *With a Monster-induced Sternum Strike that goes through B's chest* YOU LYING NAZI UNPATRIOTIC LOSER FATHER FUCKING CUM GUZZLER!!

B- *Now on the ground, bleeding to death* But I...
B- *Dies*
A- Monster Energy Drink. Unleach the beast.
by Lord Takatcchipenn June 14, 2009
A Sniper with grassy camouflage.
Dude, I just got pwned by that grass-man!
by Lord Takatcchipenn March 30, 2008
Synonym for average. Derives from 5.9 inches being the average penis length in human males. It is pronounced without the decimal point. ("Five-Nine")
Yo man, how was transformers 2?
Ehh. it was pretty 5.9
Yeah.. but you got to see Megan Fox panties shot, so its so worth it
by Lord Takatcchipenn June 24, 2009

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