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The sexual activity in wich a male and a female or two females compete in, a footjob for a man and woman is when the woman places her bare feet(shoes or nylon/latex stockings)on the males penis and rubs and strokes it with her soles and places her toes in between the end of the penis rubbing and eventualy the male cums all over the females feet. There is also another type of footjob wich two female lesbians participate in, it's where both females facing leg to leg to eachother place their feet upon eachothers breasts and rub and tickle the niples with their toes also placing each niple between the toes casuing sexual desire and orgasm (this can also be done with the toes being placed in the virginal region.)
Last night i saw this hot chick walking down the street and i asked for her number, she came over that very night and i sucked her soft silky toes to get her in the mood of giving me the best footjob iv ever had, it was amazing i cummed all over her soft sexy feet and she licked it right off.
by Lord Solo October 07, 2006
Toe Sucking is formed by having a Foot Fetish usually by males but females also. It is where the person sucks on someones toes and tickles it with their tongue the big toe is usually the one in wich this act takes place but also some go all the way licking and sucking all five toes, for women always on the receiving end masturbate while their toes are sucked, giving them more sexual pleasure.
This girl i know came to my house we both knew why we where there i was expecting some ordinary sex but she had something different in mind,it was a hot night about 28 degreese and she took off her heels and slowly placed her feet in my mouth, i sucked them and licked her soles as she moaned and squeezed her niples. - This is were i found out how goot Toe Sucking is.
by Lord Solo October 07, 2006
A Breast Job is a horny sexual position where the male places his penis between a females large breasts and the female rubs her soft breasts against the penis until he cums all over them.
Kiana gave me a Breast Job when my parents wernt home all day, it felt so great her huge natural breasts are to die for only about 15 seconds into it i had already cummed all over her tits and face and it didnt end there she even have me a bj while my cock was lieing on her all sticky and cummy.
by Lord Solo October 07, 2006

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