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anglo Jamaican slang term used to describe a person, usually a man.
Last night i was walking home when these two breddas tried to buss a movement on me
by Lord Sinista October 28, 2005
1. something generally good or fun

2. something gangsta or crime related which is impressive

immortalised by garage emcee JME, "it's serious, serious". and so on.
1. "oi this new Mos Def song i got is serious"

2. ye i heard about that boy that pars around E8 but he's a pussy, he aint serious"
by Lord Sinista October 28, 2005
another word for a zoot/spliff/joint. Good word to be used when trying to be discrete about the fact that your talkin about cannobis.
"oi man pass the zoogie before i deck you in our face you pussy"
"oi cuz you got any zoogies?"
by Lord Sinista October 28, 2005
weed associated slang term. to get drawments on a joint is to have a joint shared with you.

"oi cuz i beg you send me drawments on that spliff"
by Lord Sinista October 28, 2005
to par with someone means to hang around with them. for example you par with your close bredrins. who you associate yourself with.
" nah fam, last week i was parrin with those boys from N1"

"I par with my close friends and smoke weed"
by Lord Sinista October 28, 2005

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