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To pull/tug on one's or others ear lobes.

Purpose - Enjoyment, pleasure, retaliation, frustration, and/or sexual proposition.
I'm guna plobe it up tonight.

That guy just got totally plobed.
Yea he's a bit plobescent doesn't really know much about it.
The NPA won't get off my back, I think it's because of all the Alien Plobing I've been doing. Hopefully they don't put me on Plobation
Oh my sweet porpoise that guy just Space Plobed him and now he has cancer... I.. hmm...
NAPA have just released several Ploble Space Telescope photos of some very serious Alien Space Plobes heading to Earth. No one knows how long until they reach Earths atmosphere. Plobeably, 3 to 4 weeks.
by Lord Sexobeat June 24, 2013
Someone who is new to the act of the Plobe Plobing
Yea he's a bit plobescent doesn't know too much about good technique or form. Maybe go chat to him?
by Lord Sexobeat June 24, 2013

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