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Kroxldyphivc.... Something that presents Kroxldyph-like qualities.

This word was used in the Southpark episode: Hooked on monkey phonics. The definition above was given by the mayor. When asked by Kyle (this is all at a spelling bee) to use it in a sentance, she says; kroxldyphivc is a hard word to spell.

Kyle just stands there looking confused and pissed off.
Kroxldyphivc is a hard word to spell.
by Lord Schubert August 21, 2007
Male genitalia

AKA - Purple Helmet Warrior, Pork Sword, Cock, Penis, Love Stick, Wang, Doodle, Fuck Stick, Heat Seeking Moisture Missile, Mutton Dagger, Fishing Rod, Ding dong, Ankle Spanker, Kidney Cracker, Giggle Stick, Love Whistle, Old Blind Bob, Hanging Johney, Taliwacker, Pocket Rocket, Engine cranker, Baby pocket, One Eyed Trouser Trout, Tube Steak.
Man my hairy Hotdog hurts.
by Lord Schubert February 10, 2006
A sexual act in which the man does the chik up the batty wifout a rubber and then gets her 2 suck da shit off his Pump action yoghurt rifle
Dude, that bitch was so fuckin skanky, i gave her a turkish hotdog man!
by Lord Schubert May 08, 2006
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