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‘Do The Dishes’ is a common phrase heard around the planet by many housemates. Humans as a species have a bizarre fixation with not doing the dishes dating back to roman times when battles were fought by 'gladiators' over who would have to do the dishes.

Scientists have theorized that the act of not doing the dishes is a subconscious action done by the human brain as some form of low level biological experiment in order to understand their environment.

The advent of fast food in the 20th centaury is not the end of the act of ‘doing the dishes’, but simply another step in the evolutionary ladder of ‘doing the dishes’ – Any waste left from fast food is placed into bins, which eventually make their way to rubbish dumps, where the act of not doing the dishes is done on a much grander scale.
OMG Adric Do The Fuxking Dishes!
by Lord President Dalen April 19, 2004
This word is not an acceptable substitue for the word "Written", however some people seem to think so.
<xenon|work> They are universally accepted symbols. However, 'riten' instead of 'written' is not.
<xenon|work> If it's on urbandictionary.com, it's accepted.
by Lord President Dalen September 15, 2004
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