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a cousin to the popular "word" exclamation, only with a more truthful, affirmative sound.
It's usually used after someone else says " word?"

Lord Pim-"I got to get me some trees to medicate my domepiece"

terd ferguson "word?"

Lord Pim " werdlife!"
by lord pim November 01, 2006
this is a term thrown around liberally in the Bridgeport Connecticut area, used to dictate what people "in the clique" are aware of and engaged in. The philistines that populate this same area have no idea. It is primarily used to puctuate someone elses thoughts on a matter, or an affirmation.
terd fergusen: "yo, you know peoples is meetin' up at the FOOBAR, but i think that place is for crak babies and squids".

lord pim: "headz know".
by Lord Pim June 30, 2006
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