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n. a lame-o, or. someone who displays no signs of hipness or sense of adventure whatsoever; a person who is overtly conservative, often likely to be a narc; a gaynal
Why did you ask Jason to party with us tonight? He is such a squarejohn; I heard he ratted out Phil for having a dimebag in school.
#gaynal #loser #jerkwad #asshole #narc
by Lord Gaynal September 26, 2006
adj., being uptight, smug, or generally lame; a double-whammy insult referring to the addressee as both gay and anal. n., one who is smug and self-righteous; one who is extensively rigid with rules or generates and enforces unreasonable rules, often out of need to feel power. v., to say or do something particularly lame and unamusing
adj.: That RA is being totally gaynal about curfew tonight.
n.: Put out that cig, man. Here comes a gaynal.
v.: You so gaynaled that joke, brother. Don't quit your day job.
#uptight #lame #squarejohn #jerk #rigid #inflexible #puritanical #1st assemblian
by Lord Gaynal September 24, 2006
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