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A popular way of drinking alcohol at a party or other event, Lozens Method is having a beer in one hand and a liquor based drink in the other hand. Also referred to as 'going two handed'
Man I didn't know what to have first, a beer or a rum and coke...so I decided to use Lozens Method and just have both.
by Lord Elsington Halsdingworth June 30, 2009
A drinking day for black people. Term coined by Conan O'Brien. Unlike Black Drinkin' Day, which is the offical black drinking holiday celebrated on October 7th, Cinco de Negro can be celebrated on any 5th day of the month, making it a recurring celebratory day.
I was pissed cuz I had a rough day at work but then I remembered that it was the 5th so it was Cinco de Negro...me an mah boys had a few that night I can tell you.
by Lord Elsington Halsdingworth October 19, 2009
Abbreviation of 'my dick is erect'. This phenomenon usually occurs around attractive women.
"Dude did you see that chick?"

"Hell yeah dude I saw that ass! My d is e."
by Lord Elsington Halsdingworth March 23, 2009

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