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The New New book of Duederotofme and all the prophesies of Duke Williamson Tennant

And God spoke

Let all your work cease, let the field crops rot and be eaten by the beast of the forests. Kill the beasts of the forests and do not eat them, let them rot, for I have spoken and the children of the world shall starve.

For there is no longer a need to for exaltation in hunger, for the purpose of my children has been fulfilled. The earth has been emptied of all resources and all that is left is to transend reality into the spirit world. So that we can overcome our hunger related limitations. The time of the great nothingness has come. We will now be able to enjoy the vast pleasures of the universe.

Fear not death from starvation. For enduring starvation and sub coming to death you will begin a journey unlike any other that you have experienced. Your god waits for you with open eyes, to guide you into the afterlife, where life energy abounds and my children will no longer suffer. I have created this plane for all of my children, as a temporal destination location, until a new planet is ready for the souls of my children to find organic hosts to control.

By Duke Williamson Tennant founder of the
Church of Late Duederotofme
by Lord Duke Williamson Tennant July 24, 2008

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