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Vera Int Veen is the German counterpart to Rosie O' Donnell.
She's fat, a talk show host and I believe she's a lesbian too.
by Lord Dipshit October 17, 2004
A member of a modern subculture. Outfit and attitudes are a mixture between goth, hardcore and metal.
Slipknot fans tend to be very radical and fanatic. It can indeed be argued whether Slipknot is an ideology.

Common characteristics of Slipknot fans include
A) Slipknot shirt
B) huge factual knowledge about Slipknot and all side projects and other related artists
C) bad taste in music and clothing
D) serious psychological damage

A distinction has to be made between real Slipknot fans and posers: The real Slipknot fans are Slipknot fans who claim that Slipknot sold out and that they knew Slipknot already before they were so popular.
There's this guy I know who has a A Slipknot Tribal S tattoo and a tattoo of Joey Jordison.
by Lord Dipshit October 17, 2004

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