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What you need to understand before you can start Popo's training
Popo: Alright maggots listen up, Popo's bout to teach you the pecking order... It goes: you, the dirt, the worms inside of the dirt, Popo's stool, Kami, then Popo
by Lord Damon November 16, 2009
An exclaimation of disbelief, awe, or alarm. Coined by Team Four Star in their Dragon Ball Z abridged series.

It references the fact that Mr. Popo is the blackest fucking character in any anime. He is like, a step beyond black.
Goku: I am strong enough to defeat anyone-- HOLY BLACK ON A POPO! WHAT WAS THAT!?
by Lord Damon November 16, 2009
An Item in the pokemon video game which ups attack.
My Piplup was a weak piece of shit till I crammed nine Proteins into it.
by Lord Damon October 09, 2009
A recently coined term in online gaming, especially during player versus player combat.

It means "I am so far above you," and "you can't even touch me" rolled into one phrase

pro: Bitch I'm in a Tree!
by Lord Damon September 18, 2009
so fantastic you can't even spell it.
Dude, I read Anthony Bourdaine's Kitchen Confedential yesterday!

That's Fnatnastic!
by Lord Damon November 29, 2010
In MineCraft, the direction of your spawn. As compasses in the game point towards your spawn. There are also Spawn-East, Spawn-South, Spawn-West, and combinations thereof
Alright, I think there was a gold vein like twenty blocks Spawn-North
by Lord Damon November 21, 2010
When playing on a laptop, tilting the screen forward and backwords causes the lighting of the game to lighten or darken. Similar to the Gamma function on most games. Ghetto Gamma is for those too lazy to pause the game and open up the menu when something is too dark or too bright.
I had to work my Ghetto Gamma when I came from the dark cave into the bright desert.
by Lord Damon April 04, 2010

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