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1.)A form of music that does not have much to do with race or class. Rap music was developed in the seventies and was mostly ruined after the death of Tupac Shakur.

2.)A way for rednecks to do a hillbilly dance around a bonfire making fun of black people.

3.)A way for black people on urbandictionary.com to say the only haters of rap music are rich white people.

4.)A very extreme musical genre hated on by many rock people who listen to the exact same lyrics screamed instead of spoken.
1.)Life is a beautiful struggle// People searchin through the rubble for a suitable hustle

2.)All rap should be played on the radio station K-Rap! Crap! Get it?! haha!

3.)Damn honkeys and your hating our music. Why don't y'all listen to some Frank Sinatra and just be rich white punk-ass bastards who hate us and have a grand master plan to keep us all locked up in the ghetto.

a.)She has a moist vagina
I particularly enjoy the circumference
The circular walls of her anus
I prefer her to any other

- Nirvana "Moist Vagina"

b.)I'm a freak to the core
Get a dose once, you gon' want some more
My tongue touch ya girl, ya toes bound to curl
- 50 Cent "Magic Stick"
by Lord Byr0n December 27, 2005

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