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Perrenial over achievers
The British Empire,was largest ever by land mass and population(do your research deniers).The English language most wideley spoken(it is the global language).5th largest GDP from the 22nd largest population.7 out of the top 22 music acts of all time(the Us has 5) again out of our meagre population(Beatles,Bee Gees,Cliff Richard,Elton John,Led Zep,Pink Floyd,The Rolling Stones).We are not world leaders in many sports but we punch above our weight in many(not just sports we invented and only we play and then call our finals "world series").And by the way for the above Yank I think you will find nobody invented Electricity and the Germans invented the first decent internal combustion motor car.to finish Britain is indeed great because it consistantly punches above its weight in so many different areas like no other country.Biggest is not always best.
by Lord Bozzer January 23, 2009

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