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Before ALL of that, woot was a happy noise made by certain Monkees and Guinea Pigs when they are happy or content. Net nerds like to take credit for creating stuff that they only adopted. But I know better. I've heard those monkets. And they're happy. woot.
Kristy walks in the door from a long day of work and her Guinea Pig, thrilled to see her, asks "Woot? Woot woot? Woot."
by Lord Baddkitty October 10, 2005
Dookie comes from the mis-pronounced word "Deuce". Deuce means "two". Taking a deuce means taking a number two, or pooping. That is why people today call it "dookie"
Taking a Dook (Deuce) or dookie (deuce).
by Lord Baddkitty February 22, 2007
1) i gotta a lotta balls
2) big-ass purple swollen testes in really tight pants. far more pleasureable when used as a peanut bag for boxing practice. also makes a wonderful place to keep your pet newt.
look at that guy. he's definitly smuggling plums.
by Lord Baddkitty December 19, 2003

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