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1. The act of purposefully passing or discharging urine into ones own pants to prevent jeopardizing the energy levels of a party or gathering.
2. A selfless act in which a person urinates themselves in the middle of an intense drinking game to avoid jeopardizing a hot streak.
3. Urinating yourself in a bar due to an atrocious line at the men’s restroom.

Disclaimer: It is not socially acceptable for a woman to attempt this maneuver.
My conversation with Mary was going so well that I was forced to pull a dry lander.
by Lord Berling June 26, 2007
1. a person who embodies the essence of raw energy; possesses a contagious enthusiasm for debaucheries and holds the ability to turn a funeral into a kegger.
2. a professional partier, well versed in drinking games, and willing to make personal sacrifice in order to preserve the life of a party. (See: dry lander, keg stand, beer bong).
3. a person who drinks alcoholic substances habitually, who possesses excessive and uncontrollable sexual desires, while diligently maintaining an acute awareness and understanding for the vulnerability of the opposite sex.
I thought this party was over until the schmashmeal showed up.
by Lord Berling June 26, 2007
the act of partying with reckless abandon, a plethora of positive energy and a keen understanding for the vulnerability of the opposite sex
My weekend will be filled with lusty libations and an appreciable amount of schmashing.
by Lord Berling June 26, 2007
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