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A shellfish that won't share a thing
Hey Larry I just ripped off that dudes claw.....Yeah give me some, nope. You asshole you are a selfish shellfish....

Mr. Crabs: I got me some more money.

Sponge Bob: My Crabs can I have a raise, Nope sorry Sponge Bob.

Plankton: If you can steal Eugene Crabs recipe. If you can get me that recipe Spongebob I will give you a dollar.

Sponge Bob: Oh sorry Plankton, I couldn't do that to Mr. Crabs, he is just a selfish shellfish.
by Looney Larry January 31, 2010
Getting the shit kicked out of you and having your face ripped off like Travis the Chimp did to the woman in Connecticut.

Get your gun and shoot him he is ripping her face off.
If you don't stop busting my balls, you will get Travised.

Ooh she is so ugly she must have gotten Travised
by Looney Larry November 19, 2009
The two or three fingers a man chooses in which to dip into a woman's pussy for tasting purposes.
Ahh honey it will be my index and ring finger as my dipping fingers tonight?

I would use chopsticks honey but my middle and index fingers shall work tonight.

Shall I dip and lick tonight dear?
by Looney larry November 22, 2009
Male cum swallowed by a person
I felt so bad for her she hadn't eaten in days so I let her suck my cock and I gave her a hot protein injection (HPI).

Oh man she was working my dick like nobodys business so I held back as long as I could till I gave her my hot protein injection.
by Looney Larry June 02, 2011

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