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2 definitions by Longshot Lar

Pantomime Wank Of Contempt.

Pronounced pee'-wok. Rhymes with "ewok."

That gesture you make when you wish to dismiss or express extreme skepticism regarding a comment, concept, idea, person, place, or thing.

Extremely useful if you are forced to watch self-important melodramatic television like The Academy Awards or are in the presence of Donald Trump.
Is there a limit on the number of PWOCs one can do in a year? If so I went over my quota last night. The wife made me watch The Oscars.
by Longshot Lar February 27, 2012
4 0
(R)eply (E)veryone (tard)

Someone who has not mastered the very simple difference between email's "reply" and "reply all" actions. The RE-tard is consistently spamming a distribution list's mailbox with their comment, which is relevant only to them and the sender. A true RE-tard will do this even when the original sender of an email to many people list explicitly requests recipients do not "reply all."
I can't stand it when a new system rolls out at my job. My AVP boss always spams her stupid questions to the whole company like the RE-tard she is.
by Longshot Lar March 06, 2012
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