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A college located in Austin, Texas. It offers many fine degrees and programs; these include BAs in Taking-a-Dump, Wiping-Your-Ass, Drooling, Patting-the-Back-of-Your-Hand-and-Mooing, Whittling and Masturbating-and-Eating-It. BS degrees are available in such fields as Boasting-About-UT-Business and Staying-at-College-For-10-Years-Because-You -Can't-Deal-With-Real-Life. Our music program is second-to-none and people come from all over the world to study the jug at UTTT.

UT stands out as the first colleges to accept on Special Education types with an IQ of less than sixty.

In social terms, UT is a remarkable place with many activities (such as the college's famous Synchronised Drooling Team and the national champion Hur-Hurring Squad) and opportunities for meeting and making friends, such as the famous Friday Night Cousin Fuck and our Spring Break Knock-Your-Sister-Up Party.
If you're an inbred redneck pig-fucker who can't read but wants to get you one of them there edumucations, UT is the place for you!
No-one ever passes at UT because they all take dumps everywhere like a bunch of goddamn treach-monkeys
by LonghornKiller April 15, 2005

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