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Today I'd like to raise awareness of a rare and notorious disorder that many Sailors and Marines may be suffering from. Signs and symptoms include but are not limited to: pessimism, depression, random outbursts of anger, mild to severe cases of misanthropy, higher alcohol and tobacco use, and a general dislike of many other things for no apparent reason.

Some people might say "hey look at that alcoholic", or "why are you so mad all the time?" even things like, "don't you have any pride in your job?" the usual reply is, "fuck off" or "shut up" or any other random negative reply that will spontaneously spew out. Then they look at the person with slight disdain, or disgust.
MedBattalionism (also known as MB) is a serious problem in todays armed forces, and whats worse is that it's spreading among those who have not even been there. New studies suggest that it may be passed simply by spending time with anyone who has been there and has symptoms. Please be aware of the signs and symptoms noted above and take immediate action.

Currently there is NO KNOWN CURE. Once the symptoms take effect, you may be stuck with it. Currently it is possible the signs and symptoms may subside, but this DOES NOT MEAN YOU'RE CURED. If you or someone you know is suffering from MB, get them a beer fast, don't ask how work went, and for the love of god don't ask what they did all day!
He's not insane he has Medbattalionism.

Medbattalionism damages the morale.

Medbattalionism will drive you to jerk off with sandpaper instead of returning to your respective job.
by Longfin December 12, 2012
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