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3 definitions by Long shlong john

sexual-position; where the man approaches women from behind on knees, while women lay on back with arch, keeping legs closed up until the knees where she would divide her ankles on mans shoulders. specifically thrusting the vagina, man will keep ahold womens knees together, while women hold mans knees on floor. illumanating a "6 pointed star" figure.
Kendra offered the 6 pointed star to her lover tonight.
by Long shlong john January 27, 2010
When you laugh like a black person (loud and uncalled for)
that chick, Janine Cook, has mastered the koon laugh
by Long Shlong John February 03, 2012
when you can put your hand on someones stomach (usually women) and squeeze you are able to grab a full pound of flab.
when you met your girl skinny and now all she does is sit on her fat ass...for so long you can now pinch a pound were her abs used to or should be!
by long shlong john March 18, 2010