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A former member of the Daytona Beach branch of the Outlaws motorcycle club. When Lynn joins the club in the early 1990s he thinks hes found a band of brothers. But the Daytona Outlaws are a dangerous band of violent criminals. Within a few months of Lynn joining the club, brotherhood begins turning sour: Lynns friends are beaten for disputing the orders of the clubs leadership. The chapter president bombs a rival clubs headquarters, and openly plots murder and mayhem.

Lynn wants out. Fearing for his life, he goes to the FBI and agrees to wear a wire. This was a very risky move for Lynn because The Outlaws despise snitches, their motto being "Snitches are a dyin' Breed". In a dangerous four-month investigation, Lynn and his FBI handler, Tim Donovan, gather enough evidence to convict the entire Daytona Beach chapter.

Lynn was then placed in the federal witness protection agency. He was forced to change his name and had to loose all contact with his friends and family. Today, he is most likely living somewhere on the West Coast of the United States, because the Outlaws don't have chapters out west, and risk starting a war if they enter Hells Angels territory.

He was profiled in a Documentary for National Geographic Channel
Mike Lynn snitched out his buddies and is they ever find him, hes a dead man because snitches are a dyin' breed!
by Long Rod Von Hugen Dong July 27, 2009

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