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3 definitions by Long Duck Dong

Refers to Male's ejaculate. The ejaculate created by the testes and the ejaculate commonly sprayed upon the face of a female recipient. Subsequently rubbed about her face and chest as if it were lotion.
This is an example of Two Ball Lotion properly used in a sentence. Your mom, the bukake lover, can't get enough of my Two Ball Lotion
by Long Duck Dong May 09, 2006
8 1
relieving yourself sexually as to not be forced pull a Kobe (see Tyson style) and create an unwanted "keep a nigga baby".
Your Mom was busy, so I just spent some time keeping the census down.
by long duck dong September 04, 2003
6 6
Dehydrated semen on a stick
Leroy be one back mo-fuckin' cum sucker
by long duck dong November 02, 2003
20 38