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3 definitions by Long Dong Silver

When you're doing a girl on the top of the stairs doggy style and you randomly grab her arms and put them behind her back push your weight forward and ride her down the stairs on her nose causing it to become red and bloody from carpet burn.
Kenny gave Amanda the rudolph the other night and her nose is STILL red.
by Long Dong Silver May 16, 2006
The man juice aftermath
after i fucked your mom
by long dong silver September 04, 2003
Someone very mindless the only task they can manage is to kill . Often seen in RM section Wincoll CCF, or Kenneaz.
"Laurie is such a Killah",
"My name is Seargant Laurie but you can call me killah"
"Why do you want to be a Marine", "Coz I am a killah"
by Long Dong Silver October 17, 2005