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2 definitions by Long Beach Thug

1. (n) (British slang) penis; erection
2. (n) jockstrap; athletic supporter
3. (n) athlete
4. (v) to fool; to lie
5. (v) to have sexual intercourse
6. (v) to be forced to wear a jockstrap
1. "My woman rides my jock all night."
2. "He put on his jock before the game."
3. "Most jocks here play rugby."
4. "Are you jockin' me, dude?"
5. "The lovers jocked all night."
6. "After he hurt himself, the coach jocked him every game afterward."
by Long Beach Thug March 27, 2003
282 133
(v) To ejaculate semen.
He popped his cork from the handjob.
by Long Beach Thug February 16, 2005
22 6