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1 definition by LondonSpirit

A wanky, chavvy, poor quality, overpriced AND hideous clothing line worn by wannabe gangstas and 'trendy' dickheads. It manages to rinse out your wallet for a stupid trucker hat which makes you look like a reject from your local skate park and decrease your popularity with the opposite sex at the same time. A phrase often used by the twats trying to defend it is 'dont diss it because you cant afford it'. Well, you live in a council house and i am writing this on my iphone. So shut your face.
Cock: lets go shopping and buy some ed hardy shit!!!
Sensible person: um, dont you think its only worn by wankers though?
Cock: OH EM GEE i cannot believe you just said that! Dont diss it because you cant afford it!
Sensible person: i rest my case.
by LondonSpirit September 06, 2009
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