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A goddess of tragic love that originated from Canada. This goddess represents chaos and is often referred to as the "anarchist goddess". She is often represented by the colour red. Female worshipers may even wear red lipstick to honor Elissa. This goddess is known to be a great inspiration, a muse even at times, but she also has a vengeful side.

Elissa is often worshiped at train tracks, empty fields, or abandoned graveyards. Another symbol known to represent this goddess is an eye with feather lashes.
"That woman has an eye tattoo and is wearing red lipstick-- she must be an Elissa worshiper!"
by London Poison April 14, 2010
Escape Velocity in science is a theory about gravity and picking up enough speed to escape the Earth's atmosphere.

In philosophy it's that moment in your life when enough things are going right that you can finally break free from your chains.
"Today, I let go of all my past pain-- I've finally reached Escape Velocity."
by London Poison April 14, 2010
The cure to unhappiness- and art.
That girl is like the living dead- she must be on prozac
by London Poison April 12, 2010

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