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To go to someone's house and watch Linkin Park on DVD on a 50" TV with loud surround sound in order to pregame before a heavy night of drinking. While watching the Linkin Park DVD, it is normal to use household items, such as swiffer jet mops, and groceries, such as bananas, as microphones. It is also common to throw cantalopes at vehicles during these shenanigans. In most cases, the people who are "linkinparkinit" begin to mosh in the living room, and may even knock columns off balance. Usually a night of "linkinparkinit" will result in ankle injuries, which will require the use of swiffer jet canes.
Goldstein: "Hey I just got free tickets to the superbowl, with free airfare, plus we get to eat dinner with Kim Kardashian, and 2 Penthouse Playmates...wanna come?"
Me: "Nah Goldstein, I think I'm gonna be Linkinparkinit that weekend"
by London Gentleman April 17, 2008
A geographic area known by most to be decrepid or in general bad shape. This is not the type of place you want to raise your children or go to at all as a matter of fact.
Goldstein: Hey have you guys ever been to Gill, MA?
Everyone else on the planet: Nah Goldstein, you know that place is rennabatville city. Get the fuck out of here before you get suck-ed from afar.
by London Gentleman April 12, 2008
The act of getting muthafuckin shitfaced.
What's up for the weekend?

I dunno, probably smuthawreckedfacepants.
by London Gentleman April 17, 2008

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