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A young male who is usually smelly or dirty. They are complete assholes to other people and think they are really cool. Will never do anyone a favor.
Jake: Do you want to go and chill at Dan's house
Tony: Na man, that kid is such a grimeball
Jake: Yea true that.
by Lomob September 05, 2006
Someone who is dangerously obese. Is addicted to gambling and will stop at nothing to find action. Loves McDonalds as well as Asian buffets. Always needs a cigarette and loves a good hand job at a strip club. Is prone to dicking people and is always ridin’ dirty.
Sanel: Yo you neeeeeed to get a poker game at your house.
Tony: Na man. I got a baseball game
Sanel: You're gay. Fuck it im calling Ben and were going to the strip club
Tony: Wow you might be the biggest grimewhore I know.
by Lomob September 16, 2006

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