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what you call people who are in your pictures and they don't belong there and they know it
"Oh man, that would be the cutest, sweetest picture of me and Johnny if it weren't for that stupid, ass-bunny in the background pulling focus away from our cuteness."
#rando #random #scene-stealer #penn girl #goofball
by Lolololori April 13, 2006
Seemingly instant success celebrities (and others) seem to gain once they have lost enough weight to appear to be possibly on the more anorexic side of life.
"Brittany Murphy/Hillary Duff/Jessica Simpson/Nicole Richie/Teri Hatcher etc...sure is famous now."
"I know, she looks great."
"It must be the successoriexia."
"Maybe if I drop to 20 pounds below my thinnest possible weight ever, I too will gain success."
"I'd bet on it."

Successorexia: Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie turned celeb magazines into Gray's Anatomy. Count the ribs!
*taken from Socialitelife.com, ref. New York Post*
#skinny #ano #lollipop #malnourished #unfortunate role model
by Lolololori April 24, 2006
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