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The emotional state an individual experiences after engaging in the spreading of two-year expired canned cheese and homeless ejaculation upon one's rare and/or valuable literary work of choice and the nearest librarian with the individual's genitals. Most often occurs in public libraries, preferably within the close proximity of school children.
ex. 1) Boy 1: Fuck, mang. I'm so zobbled right now. Huck and I had a wild night with the librarian last night if you know what I mean.

Boy 2: That wasn't Huck, Bro. You zobbled all over The Iliad and the librarian.

Girl 1: Hey gaise let's get zobbled hard!
by Lolocaust March 20, 2012
Where all the stoners go. Also, booty
Hay guys whut shuld I name my pipe lol
by lolocaust December 23, 2003
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