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A small town to the west of Ottawa, Canada. Located on a small river with a charming old town area, and a big fair in the summer, Almonte is a quaint place to visit. But not such a nice place to live. Generally inhabited with closed-minded hicks and preppy teenagers, this place is full of judgmental people who hate the idea of anything mildly different. Like a stereotyped high school in a town.
"Why is that guy such a jackass?"

"He's from Almonte."

by Lolocakes February 21, 2009
A city in Québec just across a river from Ottawa. Gatineau is made up of 5 smaller cities/towns that have merged together, though have still maintained their own uniqueness..

Hull: The central part of this city, and the most city-like by a longshot. The downtown is a few blocks of government towers (aka boring as fuck), but now and then, the clubs there get RAIDED by swarms of people from the region and 18-year old Ontarian alcoholics. Can be a pretty seedy place. Outside downtown, it is not so bad (aka boring).

Gatineau (the ACTUAL Gatineau): An overgrown hick town. The best way to aspire for more is to get the hell out. Lots of youths getting too into the gangsta life (despite it being a suburb). Aggressive French Quebecers who try to defend a culture they barely understand or know, while the rest of Québec laughs at them.

Aylmer: Quaint, historic, and predominantly English. Has a small-town vibe to it, and a huge proportion of teenagers. Crazy parties all the time, and tonnes of drugs. Has a beautiful marina that hosts a large St-Jean celebration.

Masson-Angers: Largely an oversight where people rarely go in and out.

Buckingham: The most hick you can get. Take Gatineau, make it even more boring, and add the fact that it's tiny and far away from anything, and you'll get something like that.
Guy 1: "I'm from Hull!"

Guy 2: "Don't you mean Gatineau?"


Guy 3: "Yo guys, party at my place in Aylmer!! Let's get fucked!"
by lolocakes June 23, 2010
The term used to describe the trashy teenagers/young adults (and possibly older) who live in Gatineau, Quebec. Like many suburban teens, they have resorted to being oh-so ghetto and live the thug life, despite the fact they live in good households in the most economically stable area of Canada. The girls wear too much make-up and dress slutty. The guys have the gangsta look going. Both act like morons and are violent for no good reason, instead of doing anything respectable with their lives. They are often seen ruining fun nights in the clubs of Hull.
Guy 1: What is going on here on Portage? This place is full of angry boys and desperate girls!

Guy 2: Looks like the Gat Trash is out in full force tonight..
by lolocakes March 11, 2010

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