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Shadowy figures that have slowly become more and more visible in your life. Slowly creeping out from the darkness and showing their true colours. They may disguise themselves as friends, as loved-ones, as healers and most of the time they are haters and cyber-bullies. In reality they are enemies and soul stealers. Revelling in your failures with a smile on their two faces. Yet without them, we may never learn to truly believe in ourselves and our abilities. They test us and we learn to succeed. Eventually gaining the ability to call them out.

Joysuckers.... Love to hate them, hate to love them!
Joysuckers try to suck the joy right out of you.

There are many joysuckers on the net such as jdsonic who tries to suck the joy right out of people.
by LolitaRosalita May 17, 2011

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