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A FB user who searches their friend’s “Friends List” with the intention of seeking out new friends or looking for familiar shared friends. Some FB users consider this to be “stealing friends” and simply don’t like sharing.
Friend #1: "I can't believe she stole another friend of mine! Why can't she get her own friends and leave mine alone!"
Friend #2: "She is such a FB Friend Poacher!"
by Lolita75 January 14, 2010
Someone who walks really fast to the door so they don't have to hold open the door for someone that is approximately within 5 steps away from the door.
coworker #1: "Did you see that guy speed up when he got closer to the door? He just wanted to make sure he didn't have to hold it open for me.

coworker #2: "He surely displayed Door dis-etiquette! So Rude!"
by Lolita75 January 12, 2010
One who refuses to get their own FB account and instead uses their spouse of significant other's account. This allows them to truthfully deny having an account. This person uses the account to check up on family members and friends.
Sister: "Dad was on mom's FB account again! He grounded me because I cursed on FB."
Brother: "Yeah, he's such an Undercover FB User."
by Lolita75 January 12, 2010
Someone new to FB that has yet to learn how to send a private message via the "message" option on the intended recipients profile. Instead, this newbie posts the private message on their status update. Ooopsie!
Granddaughter, "Grandma, I think you did a Newbie FB Oopsie! You didn't mean to ask EVERYONE how their trip to Florida was....right?"
Grandmother, "Oh dear, I meant to send that to my friend Louise."
by Lolita75 January 13, 2010
When you block someone on your friends list.
Friend #1: "I'm tired of Joe posting sarcastic messages on my status updates."
Friend #2: "Girl! You need to put him on BlockDown!"
by Lolita75 January 16, 2010
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