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1. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders
2. The greatest female double act in the history of British comedy. In fact, the greatest in the history of all comedy.
3. Two of the loveliest women you could ever hope to meet (a privilege afforded to a fortunate few among their legions of fans...this author included)
4. Fatty and Moo (If confused, read "Dear Fatty" by Dawn French)
5. A sizeable, wacky brunette and her taller, thinner, blonder partner in crime.
6. The very best antidote to stress, sadness, anxiety, and anger; a true anti-drug.
"Are you gonna do the accent or not?!"
"I AM doing the accent! Harr are yehw?"

"French and Saunders are Absolutely Fabulous sweetie darling!"
by Lola89 October 29, 2009

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