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A beautiful girl who loves to be around people. She is the most adorable and the sweetest person i have ever met. No one is greater than her. She knows how to party and I love her to infinite and beyond. She is a definition of a best friend. She cares about other people and is a great listener. I LOVE HER. She's just amazing. Like, I can't express my love for her enough. Any person would be so lucky to have her as a friend. She's amazing at jokes and makes me laugh until I pee. SHE LIGHTS UP MY WORLD LIKE NO BODY ELSE.
Guy 1: Guys, thats my girl over there.

Guy 2: *Shit bricks* Tara?! She's gorgeous.

Guy 1: I know <3
by Lola Spankjuice April 30, 2012

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