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"Bluvv" is a cross between the two words "Blud" and "Bruv".
"Come to lesson Lois" said Sandra
"Naa Bluvv" said Lois
"What?" asked Sandra
"I was going to say bruv and then started to say blud."
They both then laughed and walked into cars.
by Lola Gibson April 30, 2009
Barling is a cross between to words Babe and Darling...
"See ya later Gareth Barling" said Lola
"Barling?" Gareth questioned
"Haha, i went to say babe and then started saying Darling..lol" answered Lola
Oh ok then, see ya later, safe yeah"
by Lola Gibson March 05, 2009
This was meant to be a type of car, this being a citeron saxo but was made to sound better by Miss Quy who interperated it to say satren sixo..lol.. Which Lola thinks sounds better.
"Why i like your new car Charlotte" said Lois. "Why thanks, it's a satren sixo" replied Charlotte. They both then laugh histericly...
by Lola Gibson February 23, 2009

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