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To Sit on a guy's dick and spin.
Man she likes to spin so much! She is such a spinner
by Lola January 01, 2004
A dance done on the beaches in the southeastern United States.
I went to Myrtle Beach and did the shag.
by lola October 09, 2002
over it, done with it, completely fed up with something
i am in a mood, and it is releiveal
by Lola March 21, 2005
A really small city in oregon. It stinks most of the time, but if you lived here you wouldn't notice it. We make cheese that's tasty, and ice cream which is also tasty. The downside of living here is that there is NOTHING to do...ever!!!
Tillamook stinks but it's worth it for our dairy.

Tillamook is really, really, really boring.
by Lola May 01, 2005
Well...It is big, it is crazy, and, my fine feathered friend, it is in fact a Polar Bear. You can also call your friend this. All in good fun of course.
The Big Crazy Polar Bear tried to convince me that stale fish tastes better unharmed.
by LoLa October 30, 2004
a zit or a pimple that "lurks" under your skin.
When I awoke this morning, I noticed a big lurker on the tip of my nose!
by Lola August 13, 2004
an especially good looking person
OOO he's a hotster!
by lola March 19, 2003

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