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A bookstore. A tabelcloth. A random word out of the dictionarty.
Well, nothing. Cool. Something. Random.
by Lol222 May 04, 2005
A cool runescape 2 client programmed by M.G. - now retired. Used to be the best RS2 client ever. Pwning shit like 'SytheScape' by loads. :-)
This is the best RS2 client ever; this is MGC
by Lol222 May 04, 2005
One of the most famous people in the history of RuneScape Classic and RuneScape 2 cheating/programming. Originally starting with TheAutominer.tk (.org) and later on gaining authority. Having left RUNECMS (aka NoobCMS) He continued to evolve to program MGC, a RS2 client, and was active in the cheating community for over 2 years until he retired.
There walks M.G.; man that kid's a legend.
by Lol222 May 04, 2005
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