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Commonly known as the real deal or kingpin. Big Pinsk is able to get anybody shanked so you better not mess with him.
JLIB: Yo Big Dan watch out the real deal might get you shanked
by Lokey May 05, 2005
a term for a stupid person who always gets drunk and lets people take advantage of them
Big Pinsk:yo man lets go to that honkey emonts house tonight and watch him get drunk. then we can chuff some rigs
J-LIB:aight well trash the place
by Lokey May 03, 2005
a wrestling match held commonly in somebodys basement in which the first fighter to find the controller and turn on the tv wins.. the one flaw is that the controller is hidden. You may use any weapons in the room
Yessir: Yo Chinapoo controller match?
Chinapoo: its on
by Lokey May 05, 2005
the sexiest russian man out there.. speaks with a deep accent and seems to hate a kid by the name of "lel" he made 2 all star teams soccer and basketball his parents own a restaurant with the greatest russian food youll find and his sister is hot and named olga.
Hot Girl: Oh how id love to date romosexy1
by Lokey May 05, 2005
A word used to describe someone who acts funny or is really stuck up
"Oh Man Liam is such a kid!"
by Lokey May 04, 2005
a word used to celebrate a victory or something good
Max: Yo zack your gay you beat me
Zack: BOYS!
by Lokey May 04, 2005

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