2 definitions by Loic

Really gay masturbation.
He likes rgm.
by loic December 03, 2013
used to describe, usually, a gnarly trick, or like a gnarly truck with a 15 inch lift. Sometimes may be used to describe a friend who is radical or even maybe a little bit crazy. Not used by the RSR, only when making fun of "bros" at the volcom wherehouse party.
"Bro Bro, ur 10 inch techlite lift is sooo much bettter than my new offroad tires...ure truck looks sicky gnar gnar"

"Loic is sooo much mo sicky gnar gnar than Scott"

Black jesus says "oooooooooohhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!"

"that black jesus had some sicky gnar gnar crack cocaine"
by Loic May 10, 2005

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