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Not simply a dilation of time, but an actual state of being only achievable through excessive consumption of alcohol and marijuana. In this state, one is not simply experiencing slow motion: they have become the slow motion.
Doug: "Dude, I was so slow motion last night."
Matt: "Yeah, you seemed really out of it."
Doug: "No dude, you don't get it. I wasn't just IN slow motion. I WAS the slow motion. I BECAME the motion."
by LogJammer August 30, 2014
Fake Daddies are people who have no real talent of their own. They will do whatever is it takes to get attention, even if they look like fools.
That guy thinks selling pancake mix will make him famous!!Come on, everyone knows pancakes are the easiest thing in the world to make. What a fake daddy!
by Logjammer August 28, 2009
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