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2 definitions by Logie BeAr

Awesome French electronic band. Basically, two guys with a guitar, bass and a whole lot of computers and key boards.
Only thing better than listening to Air, is listening to Air very baked.

Tim: Air is so good.
Chris: Dude, I know.
Sarah: I don't like them very much, I think...
Tim: Shut up, nobody cares what you think.
by Logie BeAr March 07, 2005
A small liberal private school for rich spoiled "individuals." Known to many as a hippy school, because of its system of grading that doesn't consist of grades, rather "assesments of our heart and mind."It has crappy overpaid teachers and a crappier sports program. Also has alot of celebritie's kids. Don't go to Wildwood.
Angel: Look at this painting I just created. I call it, Moi.
Alex: Awe yes, so artsy yet to fartsy.

Jessica: I hate my life. My dad only gave me $300 for this weekend!
by Logie BeAr March 07, 2005