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1-Is an electronics company that usually sells stereos.

2-Very loud-mouthed JR from "Dallas" styled limo riding Texan turned New Yorker WWE wrestler whose gimmick is that of him dressing up in a 10 gallon hat (stetson), suit and tie and coming on SmackDown! every week to rant about how he deserves to be champion, how he was "screwed" in losing some match," or just shoving it in people's faces that he is champion
Ex1: I never really heard of JBL electronics, so best to stick to Sony.

Ex2:John Cena beat JBL for the WWE title.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
1-a fruit-filled circular pastry usually baked and sugary

2-a crude sexual slang used to refer to a woman's vagina, as most used by WWE wrestler The Rock in his promos
Ex1-At Thanksgiving the most traditional kind of pies are pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie.

Ex2-(Rock during a RAW episode back in the 90s where an actress pretended to play his ex-high school girlfriend)
"...And now you come back and offer The Rock a great big piece of that poontang pie?! The Rock has just got one thing to say to you--poontang your a** on out of here!"
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
1)-Popular 90s WWE Diva who used her husband to get her fame
-Husband got fired while she became popular for just showing off her boobs and posing in PlayBoy
-Sued WWE for "unsafe work environment" when asked to wrestle AND to strip and be in a lesbian storyline
-Then posed for PlayBoy AGAIN
-Came back in 2003 and did the same things she sued for
-Stole WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar from his fiancee and daughter and used him like she did with her husband to get famous again
-Got engaged to Brock...then dumped him cuz he had no money

2)Adjective meant to insult a dispicable person, especially a woman who use and steal men for their spouses, a slut, a bitch (derived from WWE Diva Sable)
*Example for definition #2

Geez! Could you believe her stealing Nicole's boyfriend AND sleeping with her brother at the same time?! What a SABLE!
by LoganLesnarMarvel July 11, 2005
-A female heroine character from Dark Horse Comics, created by Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon.

-Melaka Fray is the latest slayer right after Buffy, although her story is that she's the first slayer called after Buffy had died and the story takes place 200 years into the future.

-Fray's main weapon is the mystical scythe that we saw Buffy use in the series finale to kill that crazy priest villain Caleb.
Ex: Fray is a brunette slayer while Buffy was a blonde slayer.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
1-Acronym for Sexually Transmitted Disease, which is duh any disease you can get with any kind of sexual contact ie The Clap, Crabs

2-Ironically, could've been a group on WWE'S SmackDown! with Divas, Sable, Torrie Wilson, and Dawn Marie since their first initials spell that out
Ex1-Better wear condoms, you never what know STD you're gonna get.

Ex2-Imagine if Sable and Dawn Marie hadn't been fired and they and Torrie Wilson formed STD and said things on SmackDown! like "When you're lying in the middle of the ring and you feel that pain between your legs--you know you've just been infected by STD!"
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005
-an adjective used to describe anything big and/or heavy, particularly used towards tall and/or heavy-weight men, can also be used as an term of endearment for a male
He may be a fat over-weight hairy guy--but that big lug is mine and I love him!
by LoganLesnarMarvel July 11, 2005
A very cute and suddenly fashion popular cartoon kitten from Warner Brothers' Looney Tunes.

She is a black and white kitty with big blue eyes with a cute and innocent disposition and a mild attitude problem.

In the last couple of years have often been featured on Warner Brothers' clothing from underwear to pajamas.
Even though that cartoon kitty Pussyfoot doesn't talk, she's still loveable.
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 13, 2005

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