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The act of having one's property taken without their knowledge leaving the victim both surprised and embarrassed
Left my jacket for just a second, came back it's gone, got bucked on, now I feel like such an idiot!
#robbed #stolen #hi-jacked #shanghaied #mugged
by LoganDejobeBomaye April 14, 2011
To ejaculate outside the act of actual sexual congress due to sheer excitement and enchantment.

Origin: Todd Bridges was on Oprah and said tha the first time he tried crystal meth, he ejaculated.
I got so excited when I bought my new Escalade that i almost pulled a Todd Bridges, but i had to compose myself.
#webbing #skeet skeet skeet #shot out #preemie #soft release
by LoganDejobeBomaye April 14, 2011
The act of razzing someone because he/she still owns and operates a flip phone (RAZR, Motorola W755, etc.)
That chick flip ripped me when I pulled out my phone to get her number
#flip ripped #i-snob #phone snob #frip #tech snob
by LoganDejobeBomaye April 14, 2011
The act of ejaculating on the picture of a female, creating a very creative portrait that should be sold in a museum
I hate that bitch mariah Carey so much---I think I'll print out a picture and do a little painting.
#paintbrush #picasso #clean brush #air brush #dick whistlin'
by LoganDejobeBomaye April 14, 2011
Anyone who feels superior because of their technological advancements. This does not include just Apple products and can be extended to all forms technology i.e. smartphones, laptops, etc.
Stan is a total i-snob, he scoffed at the fact that i still have a flip phone
#i-spod #i-spazzing #i-snobbery #tech geek #technosnob
by LoganDejobeBomaye April 14, 2011
A line of cocaine longer than six inches in length(it must be more than six inches, not a bump!) Also an awesomely wicked song on the new Foo Fighters album.
T-Money got the party goin when he pulled out the white limo.
#white lines #chalk walk #betty white #tomclancy #white cash #diet coke
by LoganDejobeBomaye April 14, 2011
Female with questionable posterior dimensions.Derived from the rapper Nicki Minaj who receives regular silicone injections in her gluteus maximus
That stripper got a minaj, ain't no way that ass could be real.
#minajin' #nickiing #booty fraud #ass fraud #dead meat
by LoganDejobeBomaye April 14, 2011
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