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A true super hero among parents. Theese are the overly strict, Straight-A requiring parents. Due to their strictness there children aren't that fond of them.
Guy one: "Dude, can you go tonight"
Guy two: "No, my super parents said no"
Guy one" "Big surprise"
by Logan Johnson April 08, 2008
A girl that either looks or sounds like a pig. Named for the sound bree being commonly used to immitate a pigsqueal
Ayyy breebabay, come over here.
by Logan Johnson April 08, 2008
Canada being America's hat refers to any cool hat.
That hat's so Canada.
by Logan Johnson April 14, 2008
One sided sexual talking via text messages, Instant messengers, internet, or any other form of technology.
Dude, ths fifty year old man totally Erape me last night. Nastyy.
by Logan Johnson April 08, 2008
Basically somebody who joins a religon to just be part of a group or scene. Somebody who goes to church just because everyone else is doing it, not for any other important reasons. These Christian Concerts also use going to church as excuses to get out of other things.
Person One: I didn't know he went to our church.
Person Two: Well he does. But he's just a Christian concert.
by Logan Johnson April 10, 2008

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